a screen shot of hnb

running as a to-do list manager

this is the standard mode of hnb, running with recursive percentages on the to-do tree, bold nodes indicate children.

black screen with brighter glyphs on it

editing XML markup

hnb can import and export, and also directly edit XML files, this capture shows hnb while editing (which is XHTML)

hnb on Zaurus

hnb running on the Zaurus pda

hnb has been ported to run on the Zaurus, apparantly it runs fine. See Adam Gurno's page for details.


sample exported files:

hnb's internal format
Plain ASCII file, with tabs for indentation
HTML file, using nested bulleted lists
HTML file, using nested div's and a little CSS
Sample in OPML format,. perhaps I should add more of the format as well
my first brain-dead support for postscript,.. I need to read up and understand postscript first
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