hnb, like many other open-source projects, began with an personal itch, the first almost functional version of the program was created with an buggy dos c compiler on an 386 laptop in 1999 while living the good life in Spain.

The laptop crashed when I got home, and I started reimplementing it using Linux and ncurses,.. with this version I emphasized an embedded interpreter, which lived in the tree structure. after having made it functional I discovered that I had created lisp, without ever having used or learned about it myself, the feeling of having unintentionally reinvented the wheel made me stop programming for about half a year.

Some of the low-level functions from that version lives on in the current incarnation. But they have been reworked numerous times since then.

Whilst working on the first version I planned to make a Palm-OS version,.. but since then my pilot have been broken and stolen,.. If anyone with the knowledge want to make a port,.. they're welcome. My first idea of this project was conceived out of the lack of this program on my handheld, I've learned later that there exist such applications although I haven't tried them.

The amount of time available for development of hnb has varied a lot, but being a user of the program myself inspires me to spend time when I can.

hnb is still very much a onc-man crusade, but others are helping the project on the route toward greater usability. In the latest versions the code has been cleaned up a lot, this should make it easier for both me and others to enhance the functionality.

- Øyvind Kolås

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